op zoek naar betekenis 

De eerste mail in de zoektocht

Het is misschien wel leuk om de eerste mail, die mijn zuster en ik het internet instuurde naar de eerste beste Jansma hier te laten lezen. Mijn zuster woont ook in Australië, en was een paar weken op familiebezoek in Friesland. 



----- Original Message -----

From: "Sytie Peckelsen-Huisman" <sytie.peckelsen@hccnet.nl>

To: <okkejansma@sunet.com.au>

Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 6:27 PM

Subject: Family?


Good morning, Okke, My name is Janny Huisman I am from Australia, but currently in Holland with my family. My sister is full on searching the Jansma family tree, with lots of success, she has contacted a member in California, Micheal , and he knew of family living in Vic. For he contacted via Facebook a Okke Jansma,and he said his cousin lived in Vic, this why we are contacting you this way.

We would like to ask you,if you are related to

1;Klaas Tysses Jansma 1876                                            

2;Aafke Tysses Jansma 1880                                            

3;Okke TyssesJansma1882                                            

4; Jelmer Tysses 1882                                             

5; Jan Tysses Jansma 1886                                              

6; Jantje Tysses Jansma1888 [our beppe (grandmother)  Married to Lute Huisman]                                            

7;Sikke Tysses Jansma 1890                                             

8; Douwe Tysses Jansma 1893

We thank you in advance,                     

Sytie Peckelsen-Huisman                  

Janny Huisman.

Good Morning, Goede morgen, Goe Moarn Beste famylje, Dear Janny and Sytie,


I got the shock of my life here today to find not only that we are family but at last found the descendents of Jantje Tysses Jansma and Luite Huisman and to top it off that you, Janny are living in Australia as well.

I Have done a great deal of research in the Jansma family originating from Bergum in Friesland and can reasonably confidently go back on side of the family to approx 1525.

I was somewhat disappointed that the USA Jansmas were not very helpful but will make contact as soon as time permits.

Michael did also indicate that they a very extensive collection of family photographs and that he would forward these to me, but alas he didn't get around to that.

This is just a very brief response to acknowledge your letter.

My cousin Okke Jan Jansma had already forewarned me.


Within the next couple of days I will send you some photographs of the still extant graves of your forebears as well as the death notice of Thys Sjoerds Jansma from 1904, and the letter that I sent to John and also his son Michael Jansma in California.

You should also be aware that a brother of Thys Sjoerds Jansma, Rikel Sjoerds Jansma migrated to Argentina with his wife and 2 children in the late 1880's and settled in Chukul and farmed there.

I have had no luck in getting a response from Jansmas in Argentina even though I wrote to them in Spanish.

I do hope that you have lots of success in your search for the descendents of Thys Sjoerds Jansma and Wietske Klazes van der Meulen.

Wietske's parents owned and ran hotel " Roodhert" ( The Red Dear) in Bergum but they came originally from Kollum in NE Friesland.

Keep in touch with the Dutch.

Best regards,

Okke Jansma,

Highton, Victoria.